Teriyaki chicken nori rolls

I’ve discovered that a really quick and lazy way to use up leftover salad ingredients is to make salad rolls. All you need is an assortment of fillings (e.g. spinach, rocket, shredded carrots, tuna, grains), something sauce-y (hummus works well) and a wrap option (lettuce leaves, rice paper rolls or nori are my favourite). Continue reading


Introducing Meat Porter + rib eye steak with chimichurri sauce

Meat in a Box was sadly shelved indefinitely at the end of summer last year. Several things happened; 1) I quit my job and went travelling for three months 2) I came back and cut back even more on meat consumption 3) I’ve started a new job abroad that requires me to commute every week, giving me little time with my beloved kitchen. But sometimes exciting opportunities come along that I can’t say no to. Continue reading

Basil panna cotta with passion fruit sauce


I had a bunch of leftover basil and a couple of passion fruits and I didn’t know what to do with them, so I thought about creating an infused panna cotta – which is essentially a blank canvas of a dessert (sorry panna cotta – you are literally ‘vanilla’). The result? It was super easy to create (and eat), and a fun exercise for flavour/sauce pairings. How about cardamom and vanilla? Chocolate and chilli? Raspberry and salted caramel? Earl grey and lemon? Continue reading

Greek style Herdwick lamb with orzo

My first recipe of the year from the Farmison meat box uses some diced Herdwick lamb. When you first visit the Farmison website it is evident that this is a company built on passion for animals – both quality sourcing and welfare. I particularly liked this glossary here explaining the stories behind each breed. A Herdwick lamb is a little grey sheep from Cumbria, shy of personality, introduced by Norse invaders and apparently put on weight slowly by eating only naturally foraged food, resulting in a subtle and delicate flavour. They sound positively adorable. Continue reading

This little piggy went to…

I just realised that it’s my blog’s one year birthday. It was round about one year ago that I launched Meat in a Box, and changed my attitude to eating meat forever. It was also a nice coincidence that I found myself subconsciously cooking a similar dish to my very first blogged recipe – some 100 blog posts and eight meat boxes ago! Continue reading