Easy chicken burger

There’s never been a better time to be a burger lover in London. Just when you think you’ve found the perfect match (Hawksmoor? Goodmans? Bar Boulud? or my personal fave, the off-menu at Joe Allen?), Meat Liquor comes along. I went with my colleagues to the much hyped diner for lunch, where we gorged ourselves like it was our last meal. We shared fat onion rings, skinny fries, decadent buffalo wings with a blue cheese glaze, and I had the Dead Hippie burger. We also shared two bottles of wine and had a Creme Egg each… oof. There’s something about going for a good burger that makes you high, yet very uncomfortable around the waist. Continue reading


Introducing Pizza Pilgrims

A little plug today for a friend of mine and his brother, Thom and James Elliot. Thom did the unimaginable (to us mere mortals) by giving up his advertising day job – which admittedly did once involve sitting next to annoying old me – to pursue his lifelong dream. A dream to serve the best authentic, traditional Italian pizzas in London with his brother James. Continue reading