Summery Italian feast

There’s something about Italian food that makes me (and probably a lot of other people, not to forget a whole nation) absurdly happy. My theory is it’s all in the tomatoes. Apparently they’re packed full of natural anti-depressants. So a feast of Italian dishes, coupled with long summer nights, is my idea of heaven!

Check out my Italian feast feature for Farmison below. Click each link to get the recipe.

Pizza Pilgrims pan-fried Margherita pizza 

You remember when I introduced my friends, the Pizza Pilgrims boys? You won’t believe how far they’ve come, having set up their street food stall, hosted their own TV show, penned a recipe book and opened pizzeria in Soho – all in the space of two years. Wow! This is a brilliant recipe I borrowed from their book and the pan-fried base is a great technique for getting your dough crispy on the bottom.

Italian one pot whole roast chicken 

A simple, shareable one pot solution for when you’d rather be chilling out with a glass of vino than slaving away in a hot kitchen. So, most of the time.

Summer asparagus risotto

Take advantage of summer’s glut of asparagus with this simple supper idea.

Summer rose veal meatballs

Serve these with a raw courgette ‘spaghetti’ salad and you’re still good for that bikini bod!

Balsamic strawberry tiramisu

I’ve only just discovered that you can roast summer fruits in balsamic vinegar. Try it served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or in this rather more decadent tiramisu. Just don’t look at the calories in mascarpone…


Laverstoke buffalo mozzarella – caprese salad cups

When I posted my Laverstoke unboxing blog post yesterday, I received an unprecedented amount of gushing from friends and readers about one item in particular: the buffalo mozzarella. “The best I’ve ever had,” said George. “Laverstoke Park do some of the BEST buffalo mozarella,” said Adam. I got so excited, that there was only one thing for it. To delve into the mozzarella! Continue reading

Pollo alla cacciatora with chicken supremes

Apparently ‘chicken supreme’ has two meanings. On one hand, it’s known as a rather dubious recipe from the 60’s where you cook chicken in tinned condensed mushroom soup. On the other hand, it’s a chicken breast with the ‘drumette’ part of the wing left on. And according to Larousse Gastronomique, if both parts of the wing are left on, it’s a cotelette. Other useless chicken supreme terminology: it’s known as a Statler Breast on the East Coast of the USA, and an Airline Breast on the West side. Thanks chowhound. Continue reading

Godfather meatballs – from field&flower

When I first met my boyfriend Chris, who works in the film industry, he was appalled at how few iconic films I had watched. Since then, I’ve been on a strict diet of classic films, from Pulp Fiction to Bladerunner. Recently, we finished the The Godfather trilogy (yes I even watched Part III), and I was so enamoured with it. I do a mean Don Corleone impression, and I now know a lot of Godfather trivia. My favourite parts were always the parts involving food… you could say that was most of the film. Did you know there are approximately 61 scenes in The Godfather involving food? Continue reading

Pizza Pilgrims say hello from Parma!

Hey meatheads, do you remember when I told you about my friends Thom and James, AKA the Pizza Pilgrims? They went on a 2,000 mile pilgrimage scouring Italy for the perfect pizza. And while the Pilgrims were in Parma, land of the ham and cheese, they filmed an exclusive little video for Meat in a Box.

Watch to find out some very interesting facts about Parma ham!:

Catch up with the boys’ on-the-go pilgrimage updates on their Facebook page.