Summery Italian feast

There’s something about Italian food that makes me (and probably a lot of other people, not to forget a whole nation) absurdly happy. My theory is it’s all in the tomatoes. Apparently they’re packed full of natural anti-depressants. So a feast of Italian dishes, coupled with long summer nights, is my idea of heaven!

Check out my Italian feast feature for Farmison below. Click each link to get the recipe.

Pizza Pilgrims pan-fried Margherita pizza 

You remember when I introduced my friends, the Pizza Pilgrims boys? You won’t believe how far they’ve come, having set up their street food stall, hosted their own TV show, penned a recipe book and opened pizzeria in Soho – all in the space of two years. Wow! This is a brilliant recipe I borrowed from their book and the pan-fried base is a great technique for getting your dough crispy on the bottom.

Italian one pot whole roast chicken 

A simple, shareable one pot solution for when you’d rather be chilling out with a glass of vino than slaving away in a hot kitchen. So, most of the time.

Summer asparagus risotto

Take advantage of summer’s glut of asparagus with this simple supper idea.

Summer rose veal meatballs

Serve these with a raw courgette ‘spaghetti’ salad and you’re still good for that bikini bod!

Balsamic strawberry tiramisu

I’ve only just discovered that you can roast summer fruits in balsamic vinegar. Try it served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or in this rather more decadent tiramisu. Just don’t look at the calories in mascarpone…


The Great British Picnic

Photo by Alma Berliner

Photo by Alma Berliner

I can’t believe Midsummer has been and gone (it was on Friday 21st June, i.e. the longest day of the year). People say that Midsummer heralds the start of summer – but isn’t it a bit depressing to know your days only get shorter for the rest of 2013? Anyway, ignore the pessimist in me and enjoy some outdoor picnic recipes that I recently created for Farmison. Click on the titles to get the recipe.

Coronation Chicken

I mean, Coronation Chicken sounds completely weird on paper. I tried to de-weird it as much as possible with this modern retelling.

Venison Scotch Eggs

First it was black pudding, now it’s venison. Watch out posh sausages, I’m on a mission to breadcrumb and deep fry you.

Exotic mushroom arancini

Not gonna lie – these were a bugger to make! But so worth it…

Picnic Perfect Mini Frittatas

Move aside, Pippa Middleton. Don’t you know I can alliterate too? That makes me a bonafide food writer.

Jersey Royal Salad

Jersey Royals deserve the royal treatment.

Marinated Heritage Tomato Salad

So pretty I can’t bear to eat it!

Summer Berry Clafoutis

Finish your picnic with this delightful eggy treat…

Basil panna cotta with passion fruit sauce


I had a bunch of leftover basil and a couple of passion fruits and I didn’t know what to do with them, so I thought about creating an infused panna cotta – which is essentially a blank canvas of a dessert (sorry panna cotta – you are literally ‘vanilla’). The result? It was super easy to create (and eat), and a fun exercise for flavour/sauce pairings. How about cardamom and vanilla? Chocolate and chilli? Raspberry and salted caramel? Earl grey and lemon? Continue reading