Teriyaki chicken nori rolls

I’ve discovered that a really quick and lazy way to use up leftover salad ingredients is to make salad rolls. All you need is an assortment of fillings (e.g. spinach, rocket, shredded carrots, tuna, grains), something sauce-y (hummus works well) and a wrap option (lettuce leaves, rice paper rolls or nori are my favourite). Continue reading


Summery Italian feast

There’s something about Italian food that makes me (and probably a lot of other people, not to forget a whole nation) absurdly happy. My theory is it’s all in the tomatoes. Apparently they’re packed full of natural anti-depressants. So a feast of Italian dishes, coupled with long summer nights, is my idea of heaven!

Check out my Italian feast feature for Farmison below. Click each link to get the recipe.

Pizza Pilgrims pan-fried Margherita pizza 

You remember when I introduced my friends, the Pizza Pilgrims boys? You won’t believe how far they’ve come, having set up their street food stall, hosted their own TV show, penned a recipe book and opened pizzeria in Soho – all in the space of two years. Wow! This is a brilliant recipe I borrowed from their book and the pan-fried base is a great technique for getting your dough crispy on the bottom.

Italian one pot whole roast chicken 

A simple, shareable one pot solution for when you’d rather be chilling out with a glass of vino than slaving away in a hot kitchen. So, most of the time.

Summer asparagus risotto

Take advantage of summer’s glut of asparagus with this simple supper idea.

Summer rose veal meatballs

Serve these with a raw courgette ‘spaghetti’ salad and you’re still good for that bikini bod!

Balsamic strawberry tiramisu

I’ve only just discovered that you can roast summer fruits in balsamic vinegar. Try it served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or in this rather more decadent tiramisu. Just don’t look at the calories in mascarpone…

Thai jungle chicken skewers

My next Thai themed guest recipe for Farmison is inspired by a lunch that was cooked for us when we went on a trek in the Khao Sok National Park. That lunch consisted of succulent pork chunks on bamboo skewers, slow roasted over a fire by our guide. I tried to remember the guide’s seasoning recipe and replicated it for these ‘jungle’ style chicken skewers. Sadly when cooking I had no open fire, but a Sainsbury’s disposable BBQ had to do.

Get the recipe for Thai jungle chicken skewers at farmison.com. Continue reading

Thai chicken and sweet potato curry

It’s snowmageddon in England. Sick of the cold, inadequate heating, lack of sunlight, black ice, soggy socks and a complete breakdown in our transport infrastructure, C and I are getting away from it all and have booked a two week trip to Thailand in March. We simply can’t wait! In homage to our forthcoming trip I cooked up a Thai chicken curry at the weekend, only in the knowledge that the post-Thailand version of me will look back at this recipe and scoff. I hope to have some cooking lessons out there and learn about real Thai food, but until then this recipe will do. Continue reading

Singapore chicken curry

Ever since I was young I have never had one true home. Growing up in Hong Kong and moving to London as a teenager – then travelling back and forth all my adult life – I have felt truly bi-cultural all my life. I feel at home in both locations but often miss the other on the other side of the world. On top of that, I have third ‘homes’ – Malaysia and Singapore, where my mum’s family are from. These places are home in the sense that they are places I spent a lot of my childhood visiting, and where I had the happiest times of my life getting to know my huge extended family. Continue reading