What’s Your Beef?

An unwanted horse headI rarely have a pious moment, so indulge me and let me say a massive “I TOLD YOU SO”.

For the last 18 months I have been banging my drum about conscientious meat consumption. I’m hardly the first person to have talked about it, nor am I the most influential. So see me as an average member of the Joe Public who made a pledge and stuck to it – and it’s time you did too. Continue reading


Venison and partridge game pie

I can’t believe it’s December already – and time to get really festive! Recently I unboxed my third meat box, a hand selected box of game from the Blackface Meat Company. I’d had this idea of working my way through a whole month of Christmas dinners, but even the Christmas enthusiast in me had to admit that was an over-ambitious idea. Not to mention it might dampen my appetite for real Christmas! Continue reading

It’s a Riverford wrap

It’s been a fun-packed month on Meat in a Box, and it’s with a little sadness that I have to wrap the Riverford feature. I must thank Rachel and Vitha from Riverford once again, for kindly sending me a box free of charge to taste and generally being lovely and helpful. Continue reading

Riverford haunch of venison with a teriyaki twist

I’m going to wrap up my Riverford Organic month with the final item from the meat box, and it’s a goody. A beautiful haunch of venison, boned and rolled at a petite 650g. I had previously cooked another venison dish from the same box – see venison goulash – but this joint seemed to come from an altogether different breed. It felt so velvety smooth and did the weird thing when you press it and it doesn’t spring back (I guess that’s like edema.. which is gross). Continue reading