JD and ginger beer ribs

It’s been a while since my last post – it’s been such a hectic past few weeks! Anyway, this is the last item from my wonderful Farmer’s Choice meat box, and I had a lot of fun making it. The last item was 1kg of pork spare ribs – little did I know when I defrosted them that they were boneless (is it normal to get boneless ribs?!), but I took this as a good sign because boneless = more meat for your money… although some people say that ribs on the bone are sweeter and more fun to eat. Continue reading


Pulled pork cheek

The Americana food love-in continues with this next recipe – pulled pork. It’s my first time cooking it, but by no means my first time eating it. I first discovered pulled pork a few years ago in Bodean’s, and gradually upgraded my taste buds via Pitt Cue Co. But pulled pork is probably one of those most satisfying meat dishes to cook at home, especially if you do it like my friend Laura did: with the supervision of a real life American, hickory chips on the BBQ and over the course of six hours… Continue reading

Singapore chicken curry

Ever since I was young I have never had one true home. Growing up in Hong Kong and moving to London as a teenager – then travelling back and forth all my adult life – I have felt truly bi-cultural all my life. I feel at home in both locations but often miss the other on the other side of the world. On top of that, I have third ‘homes’ – Malaysia and Singapore, where my mum’s family are from. These places are home in the sense that they are places I spent a lot of my childhood visiting, and where I had the happiest times of my life getting to know my huge extended family. Continue reading

Spicy sticky wings with a blue cheese dip

I recently started a new job in Chiswick, which meant that I had to leave Soho, my old stomping ground of two and a half years. Now, here is a message to all people who work in or around that area: APPRECIATE it, because you won’t know what you miss until you leave it! From shopping on Oxford Street to late eats in Chinatown, Soho had everything you could possibly need or want to fit around your working day. And of course, the thing I miss the most is the amazing restaurants there. In the last few months of my old job, my friends and I discovered Meat Liquor and managed to eat there three times. Now I can only dream of casually turning up to the famed establishment at midday when there are no queues, gorging on a Dead Hippie burger and chilli cheese fries, and rolling back to work slightly tipsy on their Grog. 😦 Continue reading

Kipper kedgeree

Whenever my family sat round the table for dinner when I was young, our parents would regale us with tales of people we knew who had almost choked on fish bones, or spinach and so on. God knows why – I think it’s to do with being Chinese; we talk about food all the time anyway, and Chinese parents love to scare their kids with stories that usually have a moralistic value (i.e. chew your food properly and don’t talk when you eat). Anyway, ever since those days I have been terrified of cooking or eating any fish with tiny bones in them. The thing is, fish with the really tiny bones are actually fine to eat – the bones are so small that they can be swallowed unnoticed. Continue reading