What’s Your Beef?

An unwanted horse headI rarely have a pious moment, so indulge me and let me say a massive “I TOLD YOU SO”.

For the last 18 months I have been banging my drum about conscientious meat consumption. I’m hardly the first person to have talked about it, nor am I the most influential. So see me as an average member of the Joe Public who made a pledge and stuck to it – and it’s time you did too. Continue reading


It’s a wrap

We wrap the Dunwood Farm meat box with.. well, a wrap! The final item in my meat box was some premium 28 day aged minced beef, and I wanted to make something fun, easy and vehemently unlike cottage pie. I decided to recreate a very tasty dish we had recently at Viet Grill in Shoreditch that consisted of sliced ribeye, griddled at the table, which we then wrapped in rice paper with various salad and pickle fillings. Continue reading

This little piggy went to…

I just realised that it’s my blog’s one year birthday. It was round about one year ago that I launched Meat in a Box, and changed my attitude to eating meat forever. It was also a nice coincidence that I found myself subconsciously cooking a similar dish to my very first blogged recipe – some 100 blog posts and eight meat boxes ago! Continue reading

A seven minute steak sandwich

Here’s a quick and easy dinner (plus next day’s lunch) from my Dunwood Farm meat box. I used two Longhorn 28 day matured minute steaks to create a quick and easy steak sandwich. For clarity, I should mention that this sandwich will probably take you seven minutes to make, not just the one! You should also know that as the days get shorter, all my photos will be shot in unnatural light and have this garish yellow hue. Yuck! Continue reading