Grilled wood pigeon from the Blackface Meat Company

Game season draws to a close fairly soon, as does my adventure in game meat. Not content with just a saddle of roe deer, pheasant stuffed with haggis, partridge or rack of fatty mutton, I threw a couple of wood pigeons into my Blackface meat box for good measure. I can tell you – after this, I am done with game. At least until next year! Continue reading


Roast rack of 5 year old Blackface mutton

Mutton gets a bad rep and such low exposure in this country, and very unjustly. But I’ve finally had a chance to try it and I can say this: I’m done with spring lambs, because mutton is where it’s at! Continue reading

The Christmas double bill!

Hello everyone and sorry for the huge gap between posts. Hope you’ve all had lovely Christmases and Hanukkahs!

In the past two weeks I’ve been to the other side of the world and back, had a quadruple Christmas bonanza and topped it up with a jaunt to Paris. While I recover on a diet of salad and water, here’s the latest in my meat box adventures – the much awaited Christmas Eve venison, followed by a guest appearance from former meat box suppliers Well Hung Meat, in the form of a Christmas Day goose. Enjoy!

Christmas Eve | Blackface saddle of roe

The real statement piece of my Blackface meat box was this 1.65kg saddle of roe. At a not inexpensive £46, it was a wonderful alternative to the Christmas bird – so we decided to cook it for our Xmas eve dinner. I can only link you to this comment by my pal Mike T., who draws strangely appropriate comparisons between the saddle and sci-fi horror fest Event Horizon. With the bone in, the saddle really looks gruesome. And that colour IS the actual colour it was. A vivid magenta; the stuff of nightmares.

Continue reading

Blackface pheasant stuffed with haggis

You may have noticed that I have a festive background wallpaper. Meanwhile stockings have gone up, advent candles are being burned, and presents well and truly hidden from prying fingers and eyes. Let’s celebrate the Christmas countdown with a Fake Christmas meal: Blackface pheasant stuffed with haggis! Continue reading

Venison and partridge game pie

I can’t believe it’s December already – and time to get really festive! Recently I unboxed my third meat box, a hand selected box of game from the Blackface Meat Company. I’d had this idea of working my way through a whole month of Christmas dinners, but even the Christmas enthusiast in me had to admit that was an over-ambitious idea. Not to mention it might dampen my appetite for real Christmas! Continue reading