Introducing Meat Porter + rib eye steak with chimichurri sauce

Meat in a Box was sadly shelved indefinitely at the end of summer last year. Several things happened; 1) I quit my job and went travelling for three months 2) I came back and cut back even more on meat consumption 3) I’ve started a new job abroad that requires me to commute every week, giving me little time with my beloved kitchen. But sometimes exciting opportunities come along that I can’t say no to. Continue reading


Unboxing the Farmison meat box

FarmisonI’m back from my ‘sabbatical’ with a ravenous appetite… for MEAT IN A BOX! After a busy three months off the meat box lifestyle it became evident that it takes a lot of time and effort to be a sustainable meat eater. Having been used to instand access to lovely, good quality meat from a box, it became a chore having to scrabble around for good produce in Sainsbury’s. I’m glad to be back in the game. Continue reading

Unboxing the Dunwood Farm meat box

I’m back! I’ve been in and out of the country and jobs and so on, but finally I have settled down with a new meat box waiting to be revealed and consumed. I’m excited to announce that my eighth meat box is from Dunwood Farm, a small family business from Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. Owned by Peter and Gwyneth Pearson, it was their son Will who contacted me out of the blue one day to ask for some thoughts from a customer’s point of view. One thing led to another and, well, I am now the proud owner of a beef tasting box, kindly gifted by the Pearsons. We had some problems with the courier (who failed to deliver and therefore spoiled the meat by leaving it out for more than 48 hours), and I was surprised and delighted when Will personally delivered a new box to my doorstep. Now THAT’S good customer service. Continue reading

Unboxing January’s meat box – field&flower

It’s time to reveal my fourth meat box, and the first of 2012! This month’s box is a very special one indeed – it comes from field&flower, based in lush Somerset. Although most of you may not have heard of field&flower, it’s a special company because of its unique selling point. You get to build your own box, by buying a set number of credits and picking out the stuff you really want. So no more boring bacon for me! Continue reading

Unboxing the Blackface Meat Company

My next and third meat box is <drumroll>… from the Blackface Meat Company! Don’t be alarmed by their name – Blackface is merely taken from the traditional sheep breed of the same name, for which they are famed. Some things you should know about Blackface first: Continue reading