About Meat in a Box

One woman. One meat box. Every month.

Them’s the rules.

Meat in a Box started back in September 2011 after a fleeting consideration to become vegetarian (it’s all Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s fault). I realised I loved meat too much to give it up; only I had never thought about its environmental impact.

I vowed to find ways to eat more sustainably without compromising my appetite for meat. The problem is, many people start off with good intentions by planning to eat less meat and buy from local ethical sources, but eventually become burdened by the expense, the hassle, the choice.

This blog is my way of showing how easy and fun it can be to make that switch. I’ve been ordering a different box from one of the UK’s many fantastic meat delivery box schemes every month. Most if not all of these deliver organic and/or free range meat from UK farmers, often directly from the supplier to your doorstep. And my rule is to only cook and eat meat from these boxes – no more cheap chicken or supermarket sausages.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy exploring my blog and be inspired to think differently about the meat you eat…