The Great British Picnic

Photo by Alma Berliner

Photo by Alma Berliner

I can’t believe Midsummer has been and gone (it was on Friday 21st June, i.e. the longest day of the year). People say that Midsummer heralds the start of summer – but isn’t it a bit depressing to know your days only get shorter for the rest of 2013? Anyway, ignore the pessimist in me and enjoy some outdoor picnic recipes that I recently created for Farmison. Click on the titles to get the recipe.

Coronation Chicken

I mean, Coronation Chicken sounds completely weird on paper. I tried to de-weird it as much as possible with this modern retelling.

Venison Scotch Eggs

First it was black pudding, now it’s venison. Watch out posh sausages, I’m on a mission to breadcrumb and deep fry you.

Exotic mushroom arancini

Not gonna lie – these were a bugger to make! But so worth it…

Picnic Perfect Mini Frittatas

Move aside, Pippa Middleton. Don’t you know I can alliterate too? That makes me a bonafide food writer.

Jersey Royal Salad

Jersey Royals deserve the royal treatment.

Marinated Heritage Tomato Salad

So pretty I can’t bear to eat it!

Summer Berry Clafoutis

Finish your picnic with this delightful eggy treat…


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