Three ways with asparagus

Asparagus is in glorious abundance in May, so I was asked to create three asparagus recipes for Farmison the other week. Their asparagus is from the Wye Valley – thick stemmed, crunchy and 100% British.

Beef, asparagus and mango rolls

A super easy and fun finger food idea, inspired by Vietnamese summer rolls. You can experiment with different colourful fillings like prawn, tofu, red peppers and so on.

Asparagus, bacon and goat’s cheese tart

Asparagus and goat’s cheese tart is a classic combo which I spiced up with a caramelized apricot and balsamic glaze that really complimented the smoky bacon.

Miso chicken and asparagus salad

I wanted an easy idea for a low carb, protein packed lunch or light dinner. Asparagus works so well in a green salad, tossed with sesame seeds and courgette ribbons – I could just eat it by itself!

What are your favourite asparagus recipes?


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