Thailand food diary + Meat in a Box news


Welcome back to my blog! I’ve been away for a fortnight in amazing Thailand, and not only have I come back with more wanderlust than ever, I also picked up some wonderful food inspiration while I was away.

First for some really exciting news about a new project I’m working on… Last month I reviewed and ate my way through the fantastic Farmison meat box. I’m delighted to say that they have asked me to be a guest writer on their website. This means I get a choice pick every month of their top quality fresh vegetables, fruit and meat to experiment with. This is the same produce that gets sent to Michelin chefs’ restaurants. They even have a luxurious cheese selection which I will surely be putting to good use. I couldn’t be more excited about this opportunity, as I’ve had my eye on Farmison for a few years as an up-and-coming company that puts sustainable produce at the heart of its ethos. Needless to say, my first batch of recipes for them will be inspired by my recent holiday – so keep an eye on their website for a first look!

Now let the Thailand Food Diary commence!

Street stalls sell fresh ready meal in bags.

The best fried chicken in Bangkok is found at Soi Polo Fried Chicken. Move aside, Colonel.

Seafood at the famous Chao Lay in Hua Hin.

The weird and wonderful world of Thai desserts. I like the ones in real eggshells.

Outstanding mussel omelettes made before your eyes in Hua Hin. Bins are not a priority here.

Delightful sweet pork and peanut dumplings in freshly steamed rice wrappers, topped with crunchy garlic.


Pastel eggs – very on trend for Spring/Summer 2013.

Angry Birds fishballs.

Angry Birds fishballs.


Fresh fruit is cheaply available everywhere – and served with an essential condiment, chilli salt.

Thais love their meat on a stick.

Deep fried chicken feet and heads.. my dream.

A delicious meal was cooked and prepared for us in the jungle. These pork skewers were quite something.

Nature’s stove.

A tremendously fun do-it-yourself BBQ buffet with individual coal burners at tables.


I relished having a fresh coconut everyday. They are the miracle fruit.

At one pointed I decided I needed to eat a Pad Thai a day…

An interesting ‘orange’ Pad Thai and a refreshingly watery Massaman curry…

An unexpectedly good Pad Thai at Koh Samui Airport…

The best Pad Thai in Bangkok…


But it was Isan food that we fell in love with.

Isan Rod Ded – a gem of a restaurant in Bangkok. No English – just write the numbers down and hope they haven’t been too liberal with the bird’s eyes chillis.



One thought on “Thailand food diary + Meat in a Box news

  1. A Pad Thai every day is a great idea. Love it. I’m going to have to make one next weekend now. It all looks scrummy.

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