Unboxing the Farmison meat box

FarmisonI’m back from my ‘sabbatical’ with a ravenous appetite… for MEAT IN A BOX! After a busy three months off the meat box lifestyle it became evident that it takes a lot of time and effort to be a sustainable meat eater. Having been used to instand access to lovely, good quality meat from a box, it became a chore having to scrabble around for good produce in Sainsbury’s. I’m glad to be back in the game.

My first meat box of 2013 is from Farmison. I’ve had my eyes on these guys for almost a year; the company is founded on the vision of two restaurateurs with a passion to supply restaurant-quality product to every consumer. Hence they boast a list of esteemed professional clients, from Blumenthal to Blanc. As an online-only business, their website offering is perfect – fruit and veg boxes ranging from basic to exotic, cheese boxes, and meat by the animal and cut – enabling keen cooks with the same tools as Michelin star chefs (speaking of which, see also Sous Chef – favourite new poncy online supermarket!). Anyway the Farmison guys love to, and are proud to, throw around the ‘rare breed’ and ‘seasonal’ buzz words so I wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

Two things about the customer offering made me happy: 1) Nominated delivery times, including Saturday and premium delivery 2) Meat box for one. Meat box for one! What a great idea for people who live alone and can’t face cooking big slabs of meat. The delivery was super convenient and hassle free (two day delivery window, before 12pm on a Saturday, £4.95).

Farmison meat box for one, £45.95

  • Free Range British Beef Steak Mince
  • British Native Breed Diced Lamb
  • Rare Breed Pork Chops
  • Native Breed Lamb Barnsley Chops
  • Rolled Belly of Rare Breed Yorkshire Pork
  • Rare Breed Yorkshire Sausages
  • Large Free Range Native Breed Beef Fillet Steak
  • Free Range Native Breed British Beef Picanha Steak
  • Corn-fed Goosnargh Chicken Thighs Skinned & bone-out
  • Rare Breed Dry Cured Bacon

Also notable about delivery was the packaging. Box with handle cut outs? Nice touch. Surprisingly underrated by all the other companies I’ve bought from. My only complaint is that I specifically added some chicken liver pate on top of the meat box – but found it was replaced by pork and duck rillettes with no note of explanation. Hmm. Not what I ordered… but I guess I’ll have to eat it now.

I can’t wait to get cooking again – it’s my 2013 resolution to cook even more than last year, if that’s at all possible – but also to be more adventurous with my ideas and flavours.

Do you have any foodie resolutions for 2013? As ever, if you have any recipe ideas – do share them below!


8 thoughts on “Unboxing the Farmison meat box

  1. Glad to see you’re back. I’ve also been on something of a blogging hiatus but am determined to try and keep on it this year. It’s a shame they replaced the paté but I definitely wouldn’t say no to rillettes. 🙂

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