A seven minute steak sandwich

Here’s a quick and easy dinner (plus next day’s lunch) from my Dunwood Farm meat box. I used two Longhorn 28 day matured minute steaks to create a quick and easy steak sandwich. For clarity, I should mention that this sandwich will probably take you seven minutes to make, not just the one! You should also know that as the days get shorter, all my photos will be shot in unnatural light and have this garish yellow hue. Yuck!

  1. Turn your oven grill on high, and grill some tomatoes on the vine in some olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  2. Meanwhile, season some minute steaks with salt, pepper and brush on oil. Throw them on a hot griddle pan for exactly one minute each side. Set them aside to rest for at least FIVE minutes. (Resting is important).
  3. Prepare a sandwich spread – I simply mixed some Dijon mustard into low fat cream cheese.
  4. When your tomatoes start to smell slightly charred and caramelised, it’s time. Split a crusty white loaf, slather on the cheese, layer the sliced minute steak and top with the cherry tomatoes and fresh rocket.

Voila. A delicious, nutritious, seven minute supper.


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