Spicy sticky wings with a blue cheese dip

I recently started a new job in Chiswick, which meant that I had to leave Soho, my old stomping ground of two and a half years. Now, here is a message to all people who work in or around that area: APPRECIATE it, because you won’t know what you miss until you leave it! From shopping on Oxford Street to late eats in Chinatown, Soho had everything you could possibly need or want to fit around your working day. And of course, the thing I miss the most is the amazing restaurants there. In the last few months of my old job, my friends and I discovered Meat Liquor and managed to eat there three times. Now I can only dream of casually turning up to the famed establishment at midday when there are no queues, gorging on a Dead Hippie burger and chilli cheese fries, and rolling back to work slightly tipsy on their Grog. 😦

So my next dish was a tribute to my favourite Meat Liquor offering – their steaming pile of spicy chicken wings with a blue cheese dip. I used the free range chicken wings from my Farmer’s Choice meat box and followed this recipe by Gizzi Erskine.

The only thing I changed was to substitute the hot sauce with a dried chipotle chilli that I had in my larder, and in fact I would have made it two as it really wasn’t spicy enough! I would also suggest adding a bit more sour cream and less cheese to the dip, as it was rather strong (unless you like your blue cheese dip… cheesy).

The chicken wings were so, so good, and really fun to eat! They were huge, meaty and excellent quality with very little fat. By leaving some of the hot sauce to the end to coat the wings, the wings end up being really sticky and you can’t help licking your fingers. This is definitely a no-cutlery meal.


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