Unboxing the Farmer’s Choice meat box

These past couple of boxes have been moving slowly, for which I do apologise but can blame on work and life in general. It’s really quite spectacular to think that since September I have made my way through six different meat boxes. My next and seventh box is slightly different to the others – it’s from Farmer’s Choice, an online butcher that acts as a collective for local free range farms. Farmer’s Choice isn’t a farm itself and also offers products at a slightly lower price point, I suspect because everything is delivered flash frozen. I will disclaim that I was approached (and flattered!) by Farmer’s Choice to feature their stuff on my blog, and having found them an interesting proposition, I said yes.

I was impressed by Farmer’s Choice’s wide range of produce online, and took advantage of this by ordering the following rather weird selection:

Goat, chopped for stewing, 1kg – bred by Childhay Manor
2 x kippers, smoked – ‘sustainably procured in British waters’
Pig’s cheek, 500g – from outdoor reared pigs in Devon
Spare ribs, 1kg
Chicken wings, 1kg – strictly free range & organic
Chicken thighs, 1kg
Chicken drumsticks, 1kg
Ox tails, 500g – from free range Aberdeen Angus
Rosé veal escalopes
, 250g – controversial for some, these are British and RSPCA Freedom Food approved. Rosé veal is meat from calves allowed to mature to 35 weeks or over, meaning the meat is dark pink in colour rather than white. Their veal is sourced from a British farm where the calves are reared outdoors with their mothers for 12 months and fed only by the grass they graze on.

Don’t be alarmed by the huge amounts of chicken! I ordered them with a few BBQs in mind (as long as this wonderful sunny weather holds up). I was also delighted to come across some goat and fish and decided to try out kippers for a tasty breakfast or kedgeree. I love the fact that Farmer’s Choice gives you FREE pork rind to make your own crackling (but sadly I didn’t get any)!

Just a note on the veal – I was mooching about at home the other day when I suddenly started seeing lots of tweets on Twitter about a TV programme called Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket. I haven’t watched it, but through reading the tweets on that episode I learned that there is a case for eating ethically-sourced rosé veal, contrary to what most people think. Here is why.

I am so excited to try these new products and already have a few recipes in mind. If you have any suggestions, leave them in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Unboxing the Farmer’s Choice meat box

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