Italian-inspired Laverstoke buffalo burgers

Britain is currently experiencing a heatwave. Men are removing their tops, ladies their dignity, and everyone’s getting the BBQ set out. The closest we got to a BBQ mood this weekend was by cooking some lovely Laverstoke buffalo burgers – which are also sadly the last item I will be covering in my Laverstoke box.

We grilled the buffalo, mozzarella and basil burgers and served them in ciabattas with this delicious tomato and roasted red pepper from Patchwork’s. The burgers only need 2 minutes under a very hot grill either side. We just about managed to avert a crisis when my oven burst into flames, as the fat was spitting up too high! On the side I made a mozzarella, organic tomato and basil salad, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. Buffalo burgers are a delicious option for hot summer weather as it’s so lean and tastes lighter than beef.

Buffalo burgers cost £2.99 for a pack of two. Don’t forget you can use my special code MEATINABOX to get 15% off any order.


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