The Great Rib-off

Yesterday I went over to Laura’s house for a Sunday roast. Laura is an accomplished and talented food stylist/writer who also blogs on the side as Sifting Sowing. Going to her and James’s house is like going to food heaven so I am always very excited. When we were discussing the menu I mentioned I wanted to try out the buffalo forerib that I got in my Laverstoke Park Farm meat box. It was immediately and gleefully decided that we would have a rib-off!

So Laura presented an astounding 3kg wing rib of beef (aged for 40 days! that’s immense) from the Ginger Pig, alongside which we roasted the 1.5kg buffalo forerib. The cooking may have been influenced by a touch of bubbly and ensuing blur, but if I recall, the buffalo was cooked for about 20 minutes at a high heat of 230C, then for 60 minutes at 160C. This actually came out a bit well done round the edges, so for anyone following this at home I would shorten cooking time by 15 for a consistent medium.

The beef contender:

The buffalo contender:

Together at last:

The rib-off was adjudicated by a panel of nine guests, and it was generally agreed that both were delicious and not dissimilar in taste at all. Don’t forget that the buffalo is a form of ancient cow. We were rather surprised that the buffalo had turned quite a pale white colour when cooked, as I had been expecting something more akin to venison.The beef/buffalo or beefalo as we called it was served with potatoes roasted in goose fat, Yorskhire puddings, fresh greens and a lovely gravy made from the beef juices. What a perfect Sunday lunch.

A buffalo forerib bone-in is £22.99 for 1.5kg (feeds 3-4). Don’t forget to use my code MEATINABOX to get 15% off when ordering anything from Laverstoke.


7 thoughts on “The Great Rib-off

  1. A big pile of beef. Excellent.
    I have unclicked the “Notify me of follow-up comments via email.” below. What are WordPress playing at with this change?

  2. Wow, those are stunning ribs! Ever tried cooking them on a BBQ? or on a plank of oak? The smokiness rocks. I think I’d go for the beef, the buffalo didn’t look quite aged enough for my taste, not sure how long it was aged, may be why it went a bit paler?
    Yes I agree with you Conor, it’s a very annoying change.

    • Marcus, I would LOVE to cook them on either – though I have neither. The buffalo didn’t look aged at all, did it. I wonder what it would be like if it had been!

  3. ha! amazing jenny lau and cor i do look like i’m having a whale of a time! what the hell has ricky said to bee i wonder? i can testify for the deliciousness of the buffalo and can only hope that jenny is going to tell us something about her AMAZING scotch eggs that she was kind enough to bring along too…. Jenny??

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