Surf and turf Laverstoke lamb shanks

My friends will know that I can’t cook lamb without using some sort of anchovy base. Witness. For me, it’s one of those flavour pairings that were meant to be. This next dish was made using Nigel Slater’s surf and turf lamb shank recipe; lamb shanks slow braised in an anchovy-rich, wine and onion sauce that falls off the bone once ready. The recipe is really easy – you can follow it here on the BBC Food website.

I remained true to the recipe, except for somehow using a whole head rather than clove of garlic (the more the better, I say), and my Laverstoke lamb shanks certainly fell off the bone like willing lambs to the slaughter. This lamb was ‘raised the Laverstoke way’ – in fields planted with 31 varieties of grass, herbs and clover – which gave it its famous, sweet taste. The wine sauce turned the meat a rather decadent purple hue, and the best bits were to be had in the gelatinous crevices of the knuckle joint.

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