Laverstoke organic black pudding

Black pudding can be rank, or it can be delicious. I’ve never experienced the latter, but mind you I’ve not eaten much black pudding in the first place. It’s one of those few English ‘delicacies’ whose taste I never understood, and I’ve generally chosen to stay away from it. I think one of my latest encounters with black pudding was when I tried the Hawksmoor Breakfast for Two (which can only be described as epic). Even then, I turned down the black pudding and slurped up the bone marrow instead.

But when I started building my Laverstoke meat box, my eye was drawn to the Laverstoke Organic Black Pudding on their list of bestsellers. Chris can’t get enough of the stuff, so I thought I might as well get a portion for him (£5.30 for 400g). This black pudding was featured on Saturday Morning Kitchen and received some very good feedback (from Vic Reeves, of all people).

I made a healthy breakfast with grilled black pudding and tomatoes on the vine, mushrooms and hash browns. It really was very good, no yuck factor or stodginess that I expected. The consistency was quite light, but I found it crumbled under the grill – which is fine I guess; just make sure you slice it a bit thicker. It does emit a fair bit of fat (consistency 31% beef fat, 27% organic pigs’ blood), but I found this to be an excellent baste for the tomatoes in the same pan. I don’t know any other black puddings to benchmark against, but I’ve heard it’s comparable to some of the more famous black puddings, such as Stornaway or Bury!

I have lots left over and already have ambitious plans to make a Scotch egg variant… so watch this space! Meanwhile, I will leave you with this video from the World Black Pudding Championships in Ramsbottom, feat. the Hairy Bikers.

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7 thoughts on “Laverstoke organic black pudding

  1. I don’t like black pudding and people always assume it’s because of the blood but that doesn’t bother me at all – it’s the texture. Perhaps it would be a good plan to give it another go! Looking forward to reading about your scotch egg :o)

  2. Sorry, but as a Bury lass, black pudding that has been sheathed in black plastic is where you are going wrong!
    Try this one, steam it and serve with english mustard, I can guarantee you will taste a difference!

    you may have to copy the link into your browser, but I assure you it is the best! ( Even better when eaten hot wandering around the market!)

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