Laverstoke buffalo mozzarella – caprese salad cups

When I posted my Laverstoke unboxing blog post yesterday, I received an unprecedented amount of gushing from friends and readers about one item in particular: the buffalo mozzarella. “The best I’ve ever had,” said George. “Laverstoke Park do some of the BEST buffalo mozarella,” said Adam. I got so excited, that there was only one thing for it. To delve into the mozzarella!

I had bought a pot of five little balls of mozzarella, and although I did think about deep frying them and serving them with a herby salsa, I took Jody Scheckter’s advice, which was printed on the packaging below. I’m not sure how many days into the mozzarella’s life I am, but I’m sure it was somewhere around day three onwards – so I made a caprese salad, rather than eating it plain as you should if it’s freshly made.

I thought I’d make some summery salad cups. I halved the balls, along with some vine-ripened organic tomatoes, and tipped them into two tumblrs, garnished with fresh bazil and drizzled with virgin olive oil. It looked like a savoury ice cream. Now I am no cheese fan, and mozzarella itself gets a bad rep for being rubbery and over-used in inauthentic Italian food, but this was truly heavenly. It was fresh and creamy, closer to the burrata I’ve recently tried (which sadly Laverstoke has just stopped selling, whyyyy!?), yet also light and sooo edible.

Go and get yourself some from Laverstoke Park Farm Shop, from £2.49.


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