Unboxing the Laverstoke Park Farm Meat Box

It’s that time of the month again, when I must say goodbye to last month’s meat box and say hello to a new one. Before I introduce the latter, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Simon Mellin of Roaming Roosters for introducing me to his company, for topping up my box with delicious freebies and giving me a lot of support on Twitter and Facebook. It’s been such a pleasure sampling all the delights that his farm has to offer; but that’s not the end of it! There will be an exclusive Roaming Roosters competition on this blog, so keep your eyes peeled…

But now for the grand unveiling of March’s (just about) meat box. It’s from the Hampshire-based Laverstoke Park Farm! Some of you may have heard of Laverstoke before; it’s a fairly impressive organic/biodynamic family farm, founded by South African former Formula One World Champion Jody Scheckter. This following video of Jody is really worth a watch. He makes salient, passionate points for biodiversity and organic farming. A key takeaway for me was that ‘everything comes from healthy soil’ – healthy animals, healthy milk, healthy eggs, and ultimately healthy people.

So now for the unboxing. One of the most exciting things about Laverstoke is their famous, award-winning buffalo meat. The meat comes from a 2,500 strong herd of naturally-reared Asian Water Buffalo, of which 30% go to meat, and the rest are for dairy. Buffalo is naturally lower in fat and cholesterol, and higher in iron. Jody mentions in the video that the reason he started looking at buffalo is because they are essentially an old breed of cow; perfect for those on the ‘Caveman’ diet!

I spoke to one David Tanarki at Laverstoke, who very kindly helped me to pack a bespoke box (with generous 30% off). The delivery was perfect; delivered on time to my doorstep (unlike other meat boxes!). The packaging was also remarkably upscale and I love the cute logo.

Laverstoke Park Farm Bespoke Box (£69.84 before discount)
Buffalo forerib bone-in 1.5kg (£22.99)
Buffalo fillet steak 340g (£16.99)
Organic lamb shank, bone-in (£10.31)
Organic black pudding (£5.30)
Buffalo, Mozzarella & Basil Burgers – two pack (£2.99)
Organic pork mince 400g (£4.20)
Organic nitrate-free streaky bacon, unsmoked 184g (£3.40)
Buffalo milk ricotta cheese 200g (£1.75)
Buffalo mozzarella bocconcini 5x25g (£2.49)
Buffalo milk chocolate 45g (£2.75)

(sorry about the strange white balance – my camera went crazy!)

So as you can see, there are some really special things in there! Things I’ve not tasted before, like buffalo. Some lamb shanks, which would go well in a melt-off-the-bone stew. Then there are some dairy products like the mozzarella, which apparently has an amazing taste, and the chocolate (who doesn’t love chocolate?). I chose black pudding for my boyfriend, and the bacon description struck me as so ‘holier than thou’ that I couldn’t resist it.

Do you have any recipe suggestions? Share them below!


12 thoughts on “Unboxing the Laverstoke Park Farm Meat Box

  1. I made a buffalo stew from there before, it was really nice – the taste difference to beef is (imo) really subtle.

    The mozzarella is the best I’ve ever tasted. The whole story of them winding up that operation is fascinating.

      • Honestly I can’t remember, it was my usual ale-based number with chunky carrots. Cooked slow for a large number of hours and rested over a night in the fridge… One of the best things about these guys is at the farm shop the butcher is crazy knowledgeable about how to cook the different cuts, can reel off recipe ideas verbatim and is a master salesman. ‘Oh have you tried these, these are fantastic’ – backed up with pudding proof, so to speak.

        Unfortunately my parents are lazy and unconvinced by such wares – waitrose geeks and unchangeably loyal to the local butcher (for good reason, mind you they don’t stock buffalo!) so I fear they don’t make the most of it.

        If you’re ever down that way I sincerely recommend you go there and check the farm out. If you ring them in advance I think they do farm tours, and the farm shop would be, to a fellow meat-lover like yourself, like a candy shop is to a small child (please excuse the cliche, but they are there for a good reason!)

        I hope you enjoy the meatbox!

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