Birthday steak

Happy birthday to me! Eating steak is my personal birthday tradition. So on the day of my sweet 27th, I treated myself to a rare Aberdeen Angus rump steak from Roaming Roosters.

For a perfect rare steak, two minutes per side will suffice if it’s a thick cut rump – but the resting time is just as crucial, as you may recall from my guide to cooking steak. I was low on time, so all I did was lightly season the steak and brush with olive oil before slapping it on a hot griddle pan. You can tell when a good quality steak speaks for itself because it doesn’t need much else.

One thing I did want to know is how do I get a nice deep brown, charred colour if all the steak is getting is two minutes per side? Is there a trick I’m missing? It just looked a little bit anaemic on the outside. Your tips below, please.


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