Pollo alla cacciatora with chicken supremes

Apparently ‘chicken supreme’ has two meanings. On one hand, it’s known as a rather dubious recipe from the 60’s where you cook chicken in tinned condensed mushroom soup. On the other hand, it’s a chicken breast with the ‘drumette’ part of the wing left on. And according to Larousse Gastronomique, if both parts of the wing are left on, it’s a cotelette. Other useless chicken supreme terminology: it’s known as a Statler Breast on the East Coast of the USA, and an Airline Breast on the West side. Thanks chowhound.

Lesson over. I got two chicken supremes in my Roaming Roosters box – and considering free range chicken is their hero product, I was excited about trying the supremes out. I’ve had a rather stressful week, where three nights in a row dinner consisted of Domino’s Pizza, a packet of crisps and two Hobnobs, and a sandwich on a plane – in that order. So today I was craving lots of vegetables and vitamin C. I found the perfect recipe on Jamie Oliver’s website – pollo alla cacciatora (or hunter’s chicken stew); an Italian one-pot with lots of tomatoes. As a bonus, the recipe calls for one of my favourite ingredients – anchovies.

You can follow his recipe here. I halved most of the ingredients as I was cooking for two, not 12, and I replaced olives with baby capers. I’m currently not getting on with olives – don’t know why, probably because I’ve had too many!

Wow – a chicken supreme is a very generous portion! But it worked really well in the stew, and the anchovies, capers, plum tomatoes and Chianti worked together to make a very rich but healthy, tangy stew. There was plenty of sauce in the pot, so I served the chicken on white rice to soak up the juices. A word of advice if you are trying this dish with breasts or less fatty parts of the chicken – I cooked it in the oven at 180C for one hour but it came out in danger of being a tad tough; I would put the heat down a touch.

Two chicken supremes are £5.95 from roamingroosters.com.


6 thoughts on “Pollo alla cacciatora with chicken supremes

  1. Wow that looks great, pretty good value for 2 supremes, though I usually buy a whole bird and joint it down, love anchovies in this kind of dish, and like the replacement of the capers too.

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  3. This looks delicious—it’s really hard to find supremes which is desperately unfair because they’re so good! (will be looking at Marcus’ link to have a go at doing them myself).
    Great find with the recipe though—have just booked a flight to Italy, so might have a go to get myself in the mood…! x

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