Easy Moroccan lamb steaks

I’m one for using up all the ingredients in the store cupboard. You may remember my Moroccan Riverford beef tagine, for which I purchased some Schwartz spice rub to substitute for ras el hanout. Well, I rolled this old biddy out for an easy Moroccan lamb steak dinner, using the lovely lamb steaks from my Roaming Roosters box.

Well-planned dinners are a luxury for me as I work fairly late; it means I tend to come home and throw together whatever I have left over in the fridge. This recipe takes 45 minutes to prepare from start to finish. Simply rub the Moroccan spices into your lamb and leave for a few hours (ideally overnight). To cook, heat a griddle pan to high, brush with oil and griddle each side of your steak for 4 minutes until medium/medium rare. You don’t want too much blood coming out. I served it with oven-roasted squash and sweet potato and boiled purple sprouting broccoli, which is so in season right now, dahling. Delicious and healthy, and so easy to prepare.

This lamb came from the hills of Pendle, local to Roaming Roosters. Apparently it was a Texel lamb, which has a lean fat covering, and is sweeter in taste. I am always satisfied to see when farmers care about reducing travel time between farm and slaughterhouse (10 miles in this case); not purely because of ‘food miles’, but because of the stress that it imposes on animals, which is obviously bad for the animal itself but also actually affects the meat quality.

A pack of two lamb steaks is £5.59 from Roaming Roosters.


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