Venison ‘dogs

At dinner with some friends the other night, Anton (who is German) said that calling food ‘Bavarian’ is meant to be an insult… I imagine that it’s a reference to heavy, stodgy food: knödel, wurst and the like. I cooked my latest item from the Roaming Roosters meat box and the thought of ‘Bavarian’ did come to mind, amusingly. Not least because these were four very big and hearty sausages.

Roaming Rooster’s Special Sausage of the Month was venison and black pepper. I had two for dinner, with leftover sweet potato mash and peas, and two for lunch the next day. Not quite sure what to do with them, I put them in a mini baguette with some sliced gherkins, mayo and mustard. Filling – and very tasty. This ought to have been a lunch for two people, really! The sausages were really dense, and quite hot from the black pepper. I think they would go well in a hearty Hungarian-inspired stew with pulses and lots of tomatoes.


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