An ode to bacon in a beautiful brunch bagel

I haven’t had proper bacon for at least four months, since I started Meat in a Box. Is that hard to believe? I’m not a bacon type of person; I never crave it. And yes, maybe I’ve had it wrapped around the occasional pheasant, but that’s about it. But I don’t underestimate the power of bacon. For some people bacon is a weekly – if not morning-ly – necessity. Bacon is what they say turns a vegetarian… Perhaps the reason I’m not a ‘bacon’ person is that most of the stuff you get in supermarkets are like sub-standard, watery tendrils of fat. And it’s rather salty for my personal taste. BUT there are times when bacon seems so perfect, and makes so much sense in the world – like when paired with egg and ketchup in a toasted sandwich. It’s one of the most satisfying meals you could ever eat.

My Roaming Roosters box came with some home cured middle bacon. There were 8 slices, but the pack was so huge it was like a wheel of bacon. And when I unravelled one slice, it was about the length of my arm – these are very generous servings! I had come back from a gym workout and needed a nutritious meal. So I made a quick brunch with two super crispy slices of oven-grilled bacon, a fried egg and buttered wholemeal bagel, slathered with ketchup.

Now, this is bacon I can get addicted to! It’s very good quality – very little water comes out in the pan, and it curls up in a delightful crisp with none of the rubberiness of normal bacon. And I recently learnt that a bacon, egg and ketchup sandwich has high levels of umami – which is why it’s so good at satisfying our cravings for savoury food.

Now I have six slices left. What do you suggest I do with the rest?

Roaming Roosters’ home cured bacon is sourced from rare breed Old Gloucester Spot pork. £3.55 per 450g.


4 thoughts on “An ode to bacon in a beautiful brunch bagel

  1. Mmmm you’ve got me thinking of a bacon and egg sandwich, there’s no turning back for me now….
    Got to have one.
    Bacon has got to be slightly crispy and so has the egg for me.
    So you’ve got yours spot on.

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