Unboxing the Roaming Roosters meat box

My, my, how the first month and a half of 2012 has whizzed by! Yet again, it’s time to introduce my next meat box – and this time it’s from the Lancashire-based family business Roaming Roosters. I first stumbled across Roaming Roosters in a routine internet search for new meat boxes. I started chatting to them on Twitter, and then went to their Facebook page – where their images of cute Gloucester Old Spot piglets clinched it for me ;-)! But aside from that, I do enjoy buying meat boxes from suppliers who take the time to talk to me and answer my questions. It’s a shame that I’ve tried to make contact with some companies who that don’t so much as send you an email back.

Roaming Roosters harks back three generations when it began as J.R. Mellins, a small butcher’s shop in Pendle, Lancashire. Twenty years later they started rearing their own cattle, then eventually sheep, pigs and chicken. They’ve evolved the entire farm to a free range, traditional-rearing model. I’ve been chatting to Simon (J.R.’s grandson), a lovely and enthusiastic young farmer who puts animal welfare at the heart of their business. He was very kind enough to put some of their new products in my box for free and I can’t wait to try them all!

Roaming Roosters Weekly Meat Box – £56.95 + £5.90 P&P

Roaming Rooster (2kg) – this is really just a chicken, not a rooster!
2 chicken supremes (220g each)
2 stuffed chicken parcels
4 x Special Sausage of the Month – venison and black pepper
Minced steak (450g)
2 rump steaks (230g each)
2 lamb steaks (170g each)
8 slices of home cured middle bacon

Freebies courtesy of RR
Valentine’s pork chops
Home cured chilli chorizo
Home cured gammon steak
Chicken liver

I was very pleased with the customer service, as this was the first meat box I’ve ordered that was left on my doorstep, as it should have been. All the previous meat boxes had frustratingly gone walkies and ended up in a neighbour’s house – which is worrying when the contents are perishable. And all credit to the courier who rang me checking it was OK to leave it outside my door; why don’t other couriers do that!?

So as you can see, I’ve been given a generous amount of freebies – including the wonderful Valentine’s pork chops. They’re a special heart shape off the bone! How did they even do that? Then there are also some new products that the Roaming Roosters team are testing in-house – chilli chorizo and gammon steak. And the chicken livers I think will go well in a delicious pate. As for the normal box offering, I’m very excited to try the ‘special sausage of the month’, chicken supreme and the home cured bacon. The beef products also look very dark, as they should do, which is a positive sign that they have been hung for a good amount of time.

What recipes do you suggest I cook this month?


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