Unboxing January’s meat box – field&flower

It’s time to reveal my fourth meat box, and the first of 2012! This month’s box is a very special one indeed – it comes from field&flower, based in lush Somerset. Although most of you may not have heard of field&flower, it’s a special company because of its unique selling point. You get to build your own box, by buying a set number of credits and picking out the stuff you really want. So no more boring bacon for me!

For a small meat box (£55) I got 85 credits to spend across their range, helpfully sorted into Roasting Joints, Steaks, Chops & Fillets, The Pantry and Wild Game. There are some premium cuts, but also some value products too. But most importantly, everything is high quality, certified free range and each product has a maximum food mile count of 15 miles from butcher to box.

As I had such a rich diet over the festive period (who didn’t!?), I made sure to pick lots of chicken. On top of that, I chose my favourite cuts I haven’t found in other boxes yet. So without further ado, let the meat unboxing commence.

This is what I ordered:

  • Thrifty chicken pack 600g
  • Pork spare ribs 400g x 2
  • Organic free range small chicken
  • Chicken breast x 2
  • 8 x beef meatballs 320g
  • Pork belly 1kg
  • Lamb mince 400g
  • Steak strips 300g
  • Diced stewing steak 500g – free!

As usual, the box came with a helpful pamphlet with recipe suggestions, details on seasonality and even kill dates – everything in my box was killed only last week (with the exception of beef, which needs hanging). Just another example of why I love meat boxes.

I was pleasantly surprised to get a free product, and I’m sure the stewing steak will find itself right at home in a warming curry. I did notice field&flower were giving away the free stewing steak with January orders – so do look out for other special offers!


4 thoughts on “Unboxing January’s meat box – field&flower

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