It’s a Riverford wrap

It’s been a fun-packed month on Meat in a Box, and it’s with a little sadness that I have to wrap the Riverford feature. I must thank Rachel and Vitha from Riverford once again, for kindly sending me a box free of charge to taste and generally being lovely and helpful.

This month was particularly good for: learning exotic recipes, winter warmers and exploring venison. The Riverford Meat Box is great for offering wide variety and good value,  and it of course also makes perfect sense should you wish to order your veg box from them too. Do go and check out their online shop and Christmas range.

Now just a quick note that I will be doing A CHRISTMAS FEATURE ALL MONTH on the blog with an ALL NEW MEAT BOX! Tune in soon to find out who the supplier is…

Take a look at my recipe recap in case you missed previous posts (click on the images to go to the recipe).


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