Rosemary and lemon roasted Riverford chicken

It’s always welcome respite to get chicken in a meat box. I’ve looked at a ridiculous amount of meat boxes online, and I’ve always found that light white meat is under-represented. Most boxes you get online are heavy on the beef, lamb and pork and I’m not sure why that is. That’s why it’s great that a few suppliers are starting to allow customers to choose their own box contents.

So I was pleased to get onto the organic chicken from my Riverford meat box. Two hefty quarters, 400g each, are like a mini-roast in themselves. I was confident that the chicken would be of excellent quality, so I decided to make a simple all-in-one oven bake.

I also decided to try out the piquant mojo sauces that I brought back from Lanzarote. I’d bought some ‘mix your own’ herbs, which simply needed added oil and vinegar. You can see the result below, so if you want to make your own green and red mojo this is a good recipe.

Preparing the chicken was easy – I just basted the two quarters in the juice of one lemon, seasoned, smothered with garlic and rosemary, and nestled it on top of parboiled new baby potatoes with sage leaves. I drizzled olive oil over the tray and lightly dusted the chicken with flour – a good tip for a crispy skin.

Then it was in the oven at 190C for 45 minutes. Here’s the result!:

We had our chicken quarters with blanched green beans and dollops of mojo sauce. The sauces weren’t quite what they were in Lanzarote (as with all things you try to recreate at home!) but the chicken was very nice indeed – ‘juicy’, ‘succulent’ and all manner of descriptions found in a KFC menu. The meat nearest the bone was a little pink, as these were very hefty quarters – so I could have left it in the oven a little longer. We rounded off the meal with a lovely Spanish sherry. Muy buen!

800g organic chicken quarters costs £8.45 from Riverford.


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