An exclusive offer from the Well Hung Meat Company

Throughout September I ate my way through the award-winning Well Hung Meat Company‘s monthly meat box. I can highly recommend ordering from them, especially as they’ve just introduced a new improved box scheme to help you get more of the meat you love. And to help you get ordering, I have an exclusive offer for fellow meatheads.

The new improved boxes now allow customers to choose exactly what they want by simply adding the cuts they want in the quantity they desire. As with most meat box schemes, you’ll still enjoy 20% off high street organic prices as you’re ordering direct from the supplier. This greater flexibility is a welcome addition that I think all meat box schemes should be considering. Often I’ve been put off from buying a box because it included cuts I didn’t like. And if you don’t fancy making the decision, you can still choose from pre-made selections such as Household Staples and Foodies Favourite.

To redeem the offer, simply type the promotion code MEATINABOX at the check out and a roasting joint worth £16 will be included for free (order by 19th November, I believe). Here’s an example of a Well Hung roasting joint I cooked previously. Why not go and create your box now?

Let me know if you order one – I’d love to know what you thought of the meat and of the new scheme.


3 thoughts on “An exclusive offer from the Well Hung Meat Company

  1. Hey! Do you know if there’s a minimum spend as I’m away for a couple of weekends in a row soon and I’m not sure I could cram a whole box in my mini freezer…

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