A visit to The Rib Man

I’d seen many mentions on blogs of the famous Rib Man of London and had always intended to pay him a visit, considering his Sunday haunt Brick Lane is on my doorstep. So it was almost subconsciously that on Sunday Chris and I went for a walk, and found ourselves happening on his stall.

In case you haven’t heard of The Rib Man (why haven’t you?), he is Mark Gevaux – self-proclaimed purveyor of the “best ribs in London”. So passionate about ribs is Mark, that he sets up in the Brick Lane food market at 3am every Saturday night, slow cooking babyback ribs on the barbecue to perfection until they’re ready to serve at 9am. Perfect hangover fodder for those Hoxton zombies who’ve had a late one!

Mark knows his stuff – he’s refined his offering down to a perfect equation of the most limited components. Vats of steaming hot shredded pulled pork, served in your choice of a roll or wrap. On top of that, the pièce de résistance – a selection of his own homemade sauces, smokey BBQ, hot sauce and the aptly named holy f**k sauce. What’s also great is that all the pork comes from outdoor-reared pigs from Norfolk and Suffolk farms.

Chris and I shared a £5 rib wrap – sadly I’d forgotten the magic word for the very hot sauce so we had BBQ instead. Oh boy. It was delicious. Tender, melt in your mouth shredded pork with a moreish sauce. We walked and wolfed, hardly talking. I don’t know how Mark does it but the pork has maintained all its moisture and doesn’t turn cardboard-y in the way that pork can. I can only recommend you get down there this Sunday because this stuff is dangerously good…

Oh and apparently, The Rib Man actually serves ribs, not just pulled pork – but these are the first to sell out. That’s a perfectly valid reason to get there at 9am!

Visit The Rib Man’s website for directions: http://www.theribman.co.uk/


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