Chinese chicken herbal tonic soup

I had a bad Saturday, and needed some liquid TLC. I knew just what to make – a traditional Chinese herbal tonic soup, just like my mum makes it. This soup recipe is the one that every Chinese mother knows, and it’s known for its healing properties.

Using the chicken carcass stock pack from my Riverford meat box, I created the soup from these traditional Chinese herbal ingredients:

  • Chinese wolfberries (or goji berries as we know them) – a sweet red berry, beneficial for eye sight and for the liver.
  • Astralagus root (the long white stuff) – mild licorice-like taste, and popular tonic ingredient. Scientific research has found that it is effective against chronic diseases such as diabetes, ulcers and high blood pressure.
  • Dried red dates (also known as jujubes) – considered the ‘living vitamin pill’ by Chinese, contains vitamins B, C, E, P, phosphorous, calcium, iron and more.
  • Dried longan (literally ‘dragon eyes’, similar to lychees) – sweet white fleshy fruit, considered to help with relaxation, can be used as a blood tonic and good for your skin.

I simply added the stock pack to 1.5 litres of water for an hour, bringing it to the boil then simmering and adding the herbs for another hour. Chinese soups are always clear and watery, and you may find a layer of oil on top from the chicken that can be skimmed off when the soup is cold.

As you know I am a firm believer of using up animals, so I’m glad Riverford gave me this stock pack. At £1.95 it’s a really good value addition to your Riverford order.

Find out more about Chinese herbal tonic ingredients.


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