Unboxing the Riverford Organic meat box

Meat box number two, here we go!

It’s almost becoming a ‘thing’ for my monthly meat box to go walkies, causing panic and a sleepless night for me before being reunited with my parcel, meat tepid and damp with melted ice packs. To be fair, last month it was the fault of the courier’s on a sweltering summer’s day; this time, my kindly neighbour had taken the box inside overnight and the cold room temperature had kept everything in check.

Riverford have been incredibly kind in offering me a free taster box this month full of cuts that I chose. They ended up sending me a modified Winter Warmer box, which is great value in itself at £29.95 – a selection of seasonal cuts perfect for hearty, slow-cooked winter stews. And don’t we need it!

Riverford’s insulation method is a standard cardboard box, two ice packs and this interesting woolly stuff. On closer inspection it’s ‘woolly waste’ from the Somerset-based Woolly Shepherd, who promote the use of sustainable wool products, grown and made in the West Country from wool that is often discarded as waste – e.g. if the wool is coloured or low quality. Great for insulation and gardening apparently, so if anyone wants it, shout! Likewise my growing collection of ice packs!

Riverford meat box

Organic minced beef, 450g
Organic pork belly strips, 300g
Organic venison haunch, 650g
Organic diced venison, 450g
Organic beef brisket joint, 1.5kg
Organic lamb’s liver, 385g
Organic chicken carcass stock pack, 1kg
Organic stewing beef, 450g
Organic chicken quarters, 800g

All sourced from local West Country farmers I believe. Don’t forget that these products aren’t from the actual Riverford farm, as they are a middle man supplier where meat is concerned.

That’s a lot of meat, more than last month’s box. Chris has already kindly offered to ‘help out’… i.e. eat what I can’t. Most excitingly, there are some new things in there that I’ve never cooked – lamb’s liver, venison, brisket. If you have any recipe suggestions, share them in the comments section below!


2 thoughts on “Unboxing the Riverford Organic meat box

  1. that seems incredible value! good work Riverford… I wish I knew how wooly waste was good for gardening and then I’d snatch it up, perhaps to deter slugs or something? Perhaps Chris who ‘grew up digging potatoes’ knows? x

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