One month on…

One month on, and all the meat from my Well Hung Meat Company meat box has been merrily demolished. I’m so glad that I made this dietary decision, because it’s made a huge difference.

Firstly, you can really taste the difference between free range / organic meat, and normal supermarket meat. In terms of selfish consideration, it’s been awesome for my stomach. And if you care about food, why wouldn’t you make the switch? Happy meat is more tender, flavoursome, has the right kind of healthy wholesome fat, and kind of cooks itself without much need for added seasoning.

Secondly, learning about the Well Hung Meat Company has gone some way in educating me on the welfare of farmed animals. And I strongly believe that if we choose to eat meat, we should choose animals that have been raised with respect.

And thirdly, I have eaten less meat. When I haven’t eaten meat from the box this month, I’ve eaten vegetarian and, rarely, fish-based meals. I ate meat twice when I had dinner out. This brings my monthly intake to around 3-4 kg, whereas the average Briton eats 8-9 kg. You can ‘do the math’ as they say and work out how much we could reduce our meat consumption as a country. Which is generally important for the environment, and for our hearts and waistlines.

Do look out for the exciting announcement of my next meat box supplier in the next blog post, but for now I’d like to say a HUGE thank you to Adam Hackney and Simon Woods from The Well Hung Meat Company for helping me out in my first month. Don’t go and buy a box from them yet – because next month I will share an exclusive discount on their new box scheme with my blog readers  ;-).

If you missed anything, here’s a recap of the month in recipes (click the photo for the link):


4 thoughts on “One month on…

  1. ooh…I feel inspired. I’ve never actually done a meat box before, but might give it a go. Is the Well Hung Meat Co the best one to go for? Was thinking about East London Steak Co (…prefer their website!)

  2. Wow this looks amazing, I’m so happy I found your blog! And yay, I’ll keep an eye out for that discount. I totally agree, small amounts of well-raised, well-treated and well prepared meet is definitely the way to go.

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