Vegetarian gyoza

If you’re ever stuck for ideas for a quick and tasty hot lunch, try gyoza. Gyoza are Japanese dumplings, originating from Chinese dumplings (wonton as you know it). They are typically stuffed with cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, pork or chicken. Whereas wonton can be steamed, boiled, fried, served in soup, the best way to serve gyoza is to pan fry them, as they have a slightly thicker wrapper than their Chinese predecessor.

You can find frozen gyoza at all good Chinese supermarkets near you. Mum and I buy all our Chinese stuff from Wing Yip in Croydon.

These are vegetarian gyozas, but I have some gyoza wrappers and would love to try making the pork version when the opportunity arises. I had mine with buckwheat soba noodles dressed with sesame oil.

Dumpling sauce is very important. To make it, simply mix soy sauce with malt vinegar and a bit of chopped chilli. Or you can buy something like this.


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