Introducing Pizza Pilgrims

A little plug today for a friend of mine and his brother, Thom and James Elliot. Thom did the unimaginable (to us mere mortals) by giving up his advertising day job – which admittedly did once involve sitting next to annoying old me – to pursue his lifelong dream. A dream to serve the best authentic, traditional Italian pizzas in London with his brother James.

So I am very excited and proud to introduce their new venture, Pizza Pilgrims. But it’s not just any old pizza parlour; this one has a twist. Thom and James are making an epic 2,000 mile pilgrimage in a 3-wheeled Piaggio Ape van, through the winding roads of Southern Italy back to London. Their aim? To hunt down the best produce and techniques in the hope of making that perfect pizza.

And their pilgrimage started today! Throughout, they’ll be followed by a production crew and they will be charting their journey by tweeting, posting videos and updating their Facebook page. They may even record an exclusive video for Meat in a Box (all about Italian meat, of course!).

Here’s a bit more information on their journey – a drool-inducing itinerary that involves discovering limoncello, milking buffalo, sampling street food in Rome, ham and cheese in Parma and fishing for eels:

In preparation, they’ve even been taking masterclasses from the best pizza master in London, Franco Manca!:

And they built their own pizza oven with their bare hands from a zinc bin, 50kg of London clay, 20 reclaimed fire bricks, a flight palette and a Slazenger tennis ball tube. It’s called Barbacoustic.

I personally can’t wait for them to get back from the pilgrimage so I can taste their pizza. But at the same time – you can be assured that the pilgrimage itself will be a feast of entertainment. Bon voyage, Pizza Pilgrims!

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