A meat-free recipe! Broccoli, pine nut and pesto pasta

I need to get something straight. There has been a slight misconception that I have an insatiable appetite for meat. Not true! The point of my meat boxes (and the blog) is to make careful choices about what meat I do eat, to limit my intake, and to enjoy the beauty of meat when I do eat it. I’m sure I will write at length at a later date about how much meat we really should eat.

My friend James told me I should post the vegetarian recipes I cook when I’m not eating meat. I thought I wouldn’t because I have so much to talk about the meat box, but as I’m running low until the next one arrives (from a very exciting supplier!), here’s a tasty and filling vegetarian meal I made last night.

Broccoli, pine nut and pesto pasta

I loooove broccoli. Even as a child I loved broccoli, playing with it on my plate and pretending it was a forest of big strong trees. Sometimes the canteen at work does a mean ‘oriental’ broccoli salad – served al dente with chilli, sesame oil and sesame seeds. This is a satisfying dish to make and eat, being rich in colour and texture.

Boil your pasta. Any shape you want – spoil yourself. Boil some broccoli too, until soft. Smoosh it up with a fork (I think that’s a real word – plus I like that it reminds me of the band Smoosh..) until fragments of the florets come away. Put the smooshed broccoli in a pan with olive oil, chopped garlic, chilli flakes and copious amounts of green pesto until you get a fragrant and textured dry ‘sauce’. Make sure there’s enough oil to coat the pasta. Throw in some pine nuts, stir into the pasta and grate parmesan over the top. I love that when you eat this you get the crunch of pine nuts and the broccoli stalks, but also the bitty texture of the disintegrated broccoli.


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