Make-it-up cottage pie

We’re onto the penultimate item from this month’s Well Hung Meat box. Ooh! And it’s that humble staple ingredient, minced beef. Only this isn’t just any minced beef, it’s Well Hung minced steak beef made from happy cows, so I had high expectations for it.

I needed to fix something up for when mum and my brother Anthony came over (hello mum! I know you read the blog everyday) for dinner on Sunday, and as I didn’t have much time I thought cottage pie would be perfect… even though it was one of the hottest recorded days in October in the history of Britain…

I know there is a lot of debate about what should and shouldn’t go into a cottage pie – but ultimately it’s about what’s to your liking. As you know by now, I am a huge fan of using up whatever you have in the fridge, and that’s perfect for cottage pie because you can improvise along the way. I threw copious handfuls of chestnut mushrooms (leftovers from the Stroganoff), a chopped onion, badly diced carrots and celery into my trusty Le Creuset, followed by the minced beef. I then added 350ml beef stock, lots of Lee Perrins and a squidge of ketchup, which made the pie quite tangy and sweet in the end. A few spoonfuls of cornflour helped to thicken the sauce. This whole bit should take maybe 25 minutes.

Meanwhile, I boiled about 1.5 kg peeled Maris Pipers and made a mash with a knob of butter and sour cream. I would’ve used a dash of cream if I’d had some. Then it comes to the construction project – layering the mash on top of the mince in a  flat-bottomed lasagne dish. You can grate a bit of cheese on top if you like, but either way, ruffle up the mash with a fork so it gets nice and crispy. I put it in a pre-heated oven at 180C for 40 minutes.

What a simple and filling meal to make! Mum and Anthony enjoyed it very much.

400g beef steak mince costs £4.90 from The Well Hung Meat Company.


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