Two ways with rump steak… part one

Overnight marinated rump steak

Having fully educated myself on the way of the steak, I felt ready to take on my first challenge. My Well Hung Meat Company small meat box included two packs of 400g rump steaks (i.e. four steaks in total), so I decided to try it two ways.

This first recipe is taken from Delia Smith. I slinged (slung? slang?) my two steaks into a tupperware box, doused with red wine, Lee Perrins and a lot of chopped garlic, shook the box around and marinated in the fridge for 24 hours. There they are in the photo above, drying off and preparing themselves for the pan. See how the marinade has been soaked up by meat in dark brown patches.

Following the Perfect Steak Guide, the steaks were in the pan for 1.5 minutes either side. I would say it was actually half a minute too long per side, as the rumps were quite skinny, and I like mine bloody. That sentence sounded really wrong as I typed, but I’ll leave it in. I poured all the excess juice from the tupperware box into the pan and made an amazing gravy – it’s that wonderful kidney colour because of the blood. I am a fan of adding blood to sauces, though I appreciate it’s not to everyone’s taste.

What I really liked about my rump steak was the rind of fat. It had the same creaminess of pork belly fat, and didn’t turn into the usual rubbery restaurant fare. The meat was expectedly tender and flavoursome after its 24 hour marinade, even in the thinner parts that ended up being well done.

I really need some good steak knives. Anyone got recommendations?

I cut up the other steak to bring into work with a leftover tomato salad.

I do eat vegetables, promise. Here’s a photo to prove it.

A pack of two rump steaks (400g) from The Well Hung Meat Company costs £11.99.


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