Mysterious pâté

I’m not a pâté person. I grew up in Hong Kong on a culinary tradition where you eat all the parts of an animal – from eyeballs to toes. But having lived in England for 15 years, certain foods still don’t appeal to me, like sausage, and pâté. What is it.. why does it taste weird.. why wouldn’t you just eat chicken livers whole instead of grinding them up and hiding them in this mysterious paste.. ??

Well seeing as there was a pâté in my Well Hung Meat box, I thought I’d give it a go. It made a nice lazy Sunday snack, though Chris had devoured most of it when I wasn’t looking. The pâté itself was pigs liver, and coarse and gentle rather than overpowering like a pâté de fois gras. I had it on toasted rye bread, topped with a splodge of cranberry sauce.

I’m not very good with pâté. How would you eat yours?


13 thoughts on “Mysterious pâté

  1. This looks like delicious pâté, good and chunky. As for preferred accompaniments, I would always go for a biscuit rather than bread – perhaps an oat cake if you have them. Cranberry sauce = inspired.

  2. And Gerkins. Or Cornichons even. The French kind. That’s the frog in me talking, but Pate and Cornichons, **sigh**,… Pate and Cornichons.

    • ooh yes I remember last Christmas, Chris made a lovely pate from his mum’s recipe.

      We served it in cuboid formation with caramelised onions, stacked on crusty bread.

      Here’s a photo:
      Xmas pate

  3. gherkins gherkins gherkins. and a delicious chutney. or if you want to caper berries are good too. i’d opt for a good toasted sourdough. i think the pate looks great, and lovely photo to boot. x

  4. Now that the WHMC are allowing customers to tailor their boxes, the country paté is one of our staples. Best consumed inside a warm baguette (part-baked) with a sprinking of sliced-up cornichons – an addition recommended by my French better half.

    Perfect with a chilled bière blanche, though white wine would work just as well – even in the dead of winter.

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