New York style pastrami sandwiches

I was delighted that one of the items from the Well Hung Meat Company‘s meat box was a pack of charcuterie. In particular, some silverside beef pastrami. I love the way the fat streaks across the pastrami like white lightning.

The pastrami was perfect lunchtime fodder, so I decided to make New York style pastrami sandwiches. I took a whole rye bread loaf, cut it in three parts, and made two of them into baps (taking out some of the bread in the middle to make it lighter). The makeshift rye baps were slathered with mustardaise – a mixture of Colman’s yellow mustard and mayo as I find pure mustard too hot – then liberally stuffed with gherkins and slivers of pastrami.

I brought the sandwiches into work for me and Lisa to taste. Verdict? In her words, “the best pastrami sandwich ever” “it was very good”. (Chris told me not to be smug, despite those being her actual words, and it being a comment about the pastrami, not me..)


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