Unboxing the Well Hung Meat Company

“Sorry to keep you waiting, we can confirm your delivery was signed for by someone called Matt.”

“Who’s Matt?”

“We don’t know, he just signed for it.”

“But I left specific instructions to either leave it on my doorstep or to leave it with my neighbour.”

“Unfortunately you left quite detailed instructions, and we can’t fit it all into the delivery note so the courier won’t have seen any of it.”


And so began the wild goose chase that, 33 hours after it was delivered, united me with my first meat box. Random Matt kept the box overnight and unhurriedly delivered it to my door while I was at work. You can imagine my frustration that a box of pure meat was waiting, possibly decomposing, on my doorstep. Thankfully, the meat was saved in the nick of time.

Word of warning though, if you ever order a meat box – don’t trust the courier or your neighbours to do their job, nor to follow your instructions.

Thanks to the miracles of modern day packaging, my meat remained intact on a particularly muggy day in London. The polystyrene box, layered with a gel ice pack, is  proven to keep meat at fridge temperature for up to 36 hours. And here it is!

You can see where I’ve ripped open the polystyrene like an excited child at Christmas.

The Well Hung Meat Company small meat box, £59
6 organic pork sausages (385g)
Pack of charcuterie pastrami (110g)
4 organic lamb loin chops (410g)
2 organic beef rump steaks (415g each)
Organic beef steak mince (405g)
Chicken pieces (360g)
Organic pork shoulder (1.135kg)
Organic country pate (200g)
Newsletter & recipe suggestions

That’s a total weight of 3.8 kilos of fine, fine meat to last me a month (give or take the occasional hungry boyfriend and friends). My first impressions? The meat is stunning and dark, darker than anything you’ll see in the supermarket. And the pork shoulder is something to behold. That’ll be one for Sunday lunch tomorrow…


8 thoughts on “Unboxing the Well Hung Meat Company

  1. Hi Jenny

    Nice to find this article – and interesting to see your comments on the courier service. Having read your report on your first delivery I can only suggest that you be prepared to have “Matt” or some other mysterious person hand-deliver your box on a regular basis – we have been receiving our meat boxes for just under a year now, and I think only one delivery has been carried out to our satisfaction.

    Despite having the instruction “if nobody is at home, please place carefully over the back gate” on the package, we have had the following:

    – the box thrown over the 7′ side fence, obviously the result of (a) the courier not knowing the difference between a high fence and a low 3′ gate or (b) an inability to read written English; (c) laziness.
    – the bell being rung at the front door, only for my partner to see a man walking away… The box was again over the fence, and a few feet from our pond. Most odd…
    – the box being hand-delivered (hooray, they waited!) only for the courier to grunt “here” before thrusting the machine/paperwork for my partner to sign; no good morning, please, thank you… You get the idea.
    – the box being placed on the doorstep, even though I had put a big white sign on the door saying “DO NOT PUT THE BOX ON THE DOORSTEP, PLEASE PLACE CAREFULLY OVER BACK GATE.” Again, I suspect either (a) an inability to read written English; (b) laziness or even (c) poor peripheral vision.

    Alternatively, the courier company is just bloody useless – we have had CityLink, DHL, UPS, TNT etc. all make deliveries and they have always been able to follow the instructions properly.

    What makes up for it all of course is the meat box itself, which continues to be absolutely fantastic in terms of both quality and selection. We have not had one dud item in almost a year, and can only praise the team at the Well Hung Meat Co. for the product. I look forward to seeing your report for next month, and I will probably do the same… I cannot do it this month unfortunately as we have already consumed the lovely topside joint!

    • Good to hear about your experience too. Having spoken to the guys at WHMC they said that there is very little space on the delivery note for your special instructions. However this hasn’t been communicated well on the website, so you end up writing lengthy instructions that get truncated on the note.

      Next month, WHMC are rolling out a new box and it will be made clear to all customers just how much space they have to write their delivery instructions.

      I look forward to reading your blog post!

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  6. I’d rather support my local butcher than pay for heavy meat to be delivered across the country and the risk of losing it in transit or to a fox/rat/thief/hungry neighbour. Also I’ve heard from a friend that the Well Hung Meat Co automatically renew your orders and make it impossible to cancel them online which she described as being Well Stung and it left a nasty taste in her mouth. Personally I’d also rather see what I’m buying as well as I’ve no idea how many chicken portions etc I get in a 300g vacuum pack and can’t help but think of all that ‘foodsafe’ plastic against the organic meat meat I’d be paying a premium for.

  7. This company are totally overpriced, they send you the cheapest cuts of meat like brisket, chuck, ribs, thighs etc. Do not use them their customer service is appalling too. I purchased a Groupon voucher of meat through them and in the small print it automatically reordered me another months box of meat which unite frankly wouldn’t feed my family for a week let alone a month! I spoke to someone on the phone from their company telling them that I no longer wanted any boxes and yet they still sent me one and have charged me for it!

    Stay away, their meat may be ethical but the way they do business isn’t! You can get cheaper and better at your local butchers.

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