I’ll have mine Well Hung please…

The order is in! My very first meat box, from The Well Hung Meat Company, is due to arrive on Thursday. I can assure you it was a hard job choosing the first supplier from a list of many.

While we wait, here’s some background information on where our meat’s coming from:

It’s quite obvious from reading their website that Well Hung Meat is a venture built on values, tradition and sheer passion.

It all began when Geoff Sayer’s lamb farm in South Devon won the blind tasting category at the 2001 Soil Association Organic Food Awards. Successive awards subsequently catapulted his produce into great demand. In 2003 Geoff started partnering with other local organic farms to supply the meat for what we now know as The Well Hung Meat Company. They are so passionate that even today meat is still butchered the traditional way by hand (because ‘there’s something very unromantic about a buzz saw’). That’s passion alright!

The company supplies beef, veal, pork, lamb, venison and poultry, in a wide range of cuts and sizes. You don’t have to opt for the monthly meat box – you can order a one off special or seasonal box, or order cuts by combination and quantity.

Happy animals, happy humans


Look at these happy cows! Livestock from all suppliers are raised strictly organic, and roam free in the lush pastureland of the South West. True to its name, Well Hung Meat hangs its meat for as long as it takes to tenderize. That’s three weeks for beef, and one for lamb, pork and poultry.

Well Hung Meat have been scooping foodie awards since 2001. You just have to look at their website footer to see a veritable trophy cabinet. They were also named a ‘Food Hero’ by Rick Stein in his BBC series.

Well I’m getting hungry just writing about this… can’t wait for Thursday!


2 thoughts on “I’ll have mine Well Hung please…

  1. Just wanted to drop in a quick note of thanks for the interesting recipes, picture etc. Found you whilst looking for info on the Riverford meat boxes (trying to find out how much you get for your money from a visual point of view – weights mean nothing to me!) but have decided to try the Well Hung Meat Co this month, with the offer of the free joint (it was the FREE part that did it for me ;))

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your posts and, more importantly, tasting that meat!

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